Water-Proof Flooring: Why It’s Popular

Water. Everyone’s body needs it, 70% of the Earth is covered in it, but yet your floors HATE it. Water is the enemy to almost every floor out there, and we would say it is the main source of any flooring problem we see. So, what have flooring manufacturers done to combat this? It’s no surprise that the answer is creating water-proof and water-resistant floors. Lately manufacturers have gone beyond the new-age WPC or SPC core products that dominate the market today, but laminate and even carpet products have thrown their name into the ring of water-proof floors. Today, we’ll take a look at why waterproof flooring is such a popular option and what products there are out there for you to choose from.

So why is water-proof flooring such a popular product? It seems like water problems in homes have only gotten more common these days. Things like dishwashers failing to kids running around with wet or muddy boots to dogs spilling their water dishes. When water sits on top of your laminate, hardwood, or carpet for too long it can cause discoloration, warping, and mold problems to say the least. All of which you do not want nor need.


Many of us are looking for that “all-in-one” or “one-size fits all” type solution to our problems in today’s society. We want to make one purchase that covers us for all our needs, and not 3, 4, or 5 different purchases for those same needs. We want a one solution answer to these problems and not a multi-step, multi-layer solution that takes time and effort. Water-proof flooring fills those needs and provides you with an attractive and viable solution. Many of today’s water-proof floors give you the style and look you want from authentic hardwood or ceramic floors and adds the durability and protection you need with an everyday floor—all the while giving you peace of mind that your floor is protected from potential water issues.

New Options for Water-Proof Flooring

Water-proof floors came into viability not too long ago and were pioneered by US Floors with their CoreTec brand. Other vendors have also rolled out similar products to CoreTec, but all were built with WPC and SPC cores topped with a vinyl layer for added durability and balanced out with a pad on the back. These products gave you a significant first step into the water-proof floor realm while also giving you the style and design that made your floor look like real hardwood or ceramic tile. More recently, laminate floors and even carpets have started to evolve and incorporate water-proof and/or water-resistance into their products. Today, many laminate floors offer water-resistance warranties, and some carpets are backed with a water-proof backing that does not allow the liquid to go through it.

So, what are some of these products we’re talking about? Here are a few of the water-proof and water-resistant floors that you can find here at Carpet Garage:

Shaw/US Floors CoreTec 

The leader in the water-proof category, CoreTec is the premier line when you talk water-proof floors. At Carpet Garage, we stock over 30+ SKUs of CoreTec on hand at any given location.

Shaw Floorte 

Shaw Floorte is the next best comparison when it comes to water-proof flooring. Many of these products are built with similar technology to CoreTec and add to the style and color options you can find in our water-proof line-up at the store.

Mohawk SolidTech & SolidTech Plus

Mohawk’s version of CoreTech is what they call SolidTech and SolidTech Plus. Built very similar to CoreTec and Floorte, Mohawk’s version of water-proof floors also comes in a Made in the USA version known as Thatcher and Franklin.

Shaw LifeGuard-Backing Carpets 

Shaw has also dabbled in “water-proof” carpet. Though it is just the backing on the carpet that makes it water-proof, their LifeGuard-backed products will keep any liquid from going through it. This helps prevent any spills from soaking through both the carpet and the pad, down to your wood or concrete underlayment.

Shaw Repel Laminate 

Shaw has also brought to market a brand of water-resistant laminate floors called Repel.

Mohawk RevWood Plus

Mohawk has also brought to market a brand of water-resistant laminate floors called RevWood Plus.

There are many options of water-proof floors by other reputable vendors as well. Manufacturers like Marquis, MSI, Southwind, and Engineered Floors have developed a line of their own water-proof flooring, many of which we have on hand at the stores as well. So if you require water-proof or water-resistant flooring, look no further than Carpet Garage. We stock over 80+ SKUs of water-proof products at our stores. Stop in today and come check out our selection.

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