Mohawk’s AIR.O

Carpet tends to be the most traditional piece of flooring you will find at any flooring store. Outside of the Stainmaster™ years, there has not been much innovation to this category in quite some time. Queue Mohawk’s AIR.O introduction. A carpet that has ZERO latex in it, is hypoallergenic, and has an attached pad to it. Billed by Mohawk as a revolutionary product for the flooring industry, it can be installed by most homeowners and is 100% recyclable. Let’s take a closer look at AIR.O.

Let’s first start by defining the big word in that last paragraph, HYPOALLERGENIC. Just to be clear, hypoallergenic does NOT mean that the product is free of causing any allergic reactions. What hypoallergenic does mean is that the product will produce less allergic reactions than any other product like it out there on the market. AIR.O is touted as not absorbing moisture and preventing growth of allergens and microbes. So, people with allergies may still have allergic reactions, but in theory this product should produce less of them than other carpets out there. AIR.O is also VOC free, meaning it has no latex in it or any harmful VOC’s.

Second, AIR.O is 100% recyclable. Mohawk will ship you bags you can put your cut-up pieces of AIR.O carpet in to send back to them. They will then recycle all of the flooring in those bags. So, when you think it is time to change out your AIR.O carpet you simply pull it up, slice it up, and put it in a bag (Who knows how many bags that will be, but at least you have the ability to do this right?).

Lastly, the final benefit of AIR.O is the attached fiber-based padding on the back of the carpet. The benefit to this is there is no need to buy padding separately. You have an all in one piece of flooring. Also, the flexibility this attached pad gives you is the ability for you as the homeowner to install the floor yourself. There is no stretching of the carpet, it is simply stuck down to the floor with double-face tape.



Sound interesting? Let us know your thoughts on AIR.O and if you think the benefits of this product are worth it.