Made in the USA

A frequent question we often receive at Carpet Garage stores, “Do you carry any American-made flooring?” The answer is always, and immediately, YES! More often than not, the customers that begin by asking that question, aren’t just interested in carpet and soft flooring. American-made flooring that isn’t the “fuzzy side up stuff” is hard to find in the United States, especially these days, it seems. Almost every hard surface related product is made in China (or at somewhere overseas such as in Taiwan, Korea, or Cambodia). A lot of hardwood and sheet vinyl are made in China, and the majority of your waterproof flooring (vinyl plank, vinyl tile, WPC, SPC, etc.) is also made in China.

The question you probably have next: “Why is that?” Well, the easy answer is that manufacturing these products overseas and shipping them in is still cheaper than it is to make it here in the US. Everything from labor costs to raw material costs continue to be cheaper abroad than it is at home.

“So, what are some products that aren’t made in China?”

“What are my options when I come into your store?”


Here is a quick snapshot of what we have at Carpet Garage that is 100% Made in the USA:

1. Carpet

For starters, ALL our carpets are made in the USA. I’d estimate 95% of Carpet Garage’s carpet is made in Dalton, GA, what we call the Carpet Capital of the World.  You’ll find all the major manufacturers are here, like Shaw, Mohawk, DreamWeaver, Southwind, Marquis, Phenix, and more. Dalton is a hub for many other textiles, which is why these carpet manufacturers call it home. At Carpet Garage, we stock over 100+ rolls of carpet ranging from $1.29 to $3.99 square feet (SF). So, when you think American-made, carpet will always be your #1 option and we will always have plenty of carpet options for you.

2. Sheet Vinyl from Congoleum

We stock 30+ rolls of sheet vinyl (linoleum for anyone over the age of 50) from Congoleum. This manufacturer is based in New Jersey, and they manufacture a product line known as Airstep. Airstep is a revolutionary, loose-lay sheet vinyl. No adhesive is necessary, you simply lay it down on the floor with the appropriate spacing from your walls. Each of our Carpet Garage stores carry 3 lines of the Airstep products, with about 8 to 10 colors within each line. Pricing on Airstep products start at $1.59 SF and go up to $2.69 SF. Sheet vinyl is a great product to consider in your bathroom and kitchen.

3. Waterproof flooring from Mohawk

This USA-made waterproof flooring is still in its infancy stage. The majority of waterproof flooring in the market likely comes from China. There are few manufacturers in the US who are even looking into this option, mainly due to the high cost of entry into this market segment. Almost all manufacturers would have to build a plant from scratch, which can be very costly. One manufacturer though, Mohawk Industries, has tossed its name into the hat and has one option of waterproof stone plastic core (SPC) flooring that is made in the US. At Carpet Garage, we now stock 2 colors of this product at each of our stores, with display options to special order other colors (15+ other color options). This product has two style names (THATCHER and FRANKLIN) and offers a 20-mil wear layer, beveled edges, and padding attached. Starting at $3.99 SF, this is a great option for American-made waterproof flooring.


Overall, there still remains few options for American-made products in the flooring industry. As we continue to evolve as an industry, I believe, over time, this area will gain steam and more manufacturers will be finding ways to bring their products back to the US, especially in the waterproof category.


Made in the USA

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