How to Measure Flooring

For do-it-yourself homeowners before stopping in to one of our locations it helps to estimate how much flooring you may need for your for your room or interior areas. Here is a quick and simple way to estimate the total square footage of flooring required in order to cover a room.

  • Square off each section of the area you are going to install hardwood flooring so you can measure the width and length to calculate the square footages.
  • Then add the square footage for each section together to get the total square footage for the area you plan on installing flooring in.
  • Add 10% to the total square footage for waste and extra pieces. (Width * Length = Total Square Feet * 1.10)

4 thoughts on “How to Measure Flooring

  1. Jenny Samuelson

    Looking for hardwood Or laminate. 23 x 18 room and 20 x 15 room

  2. John Mackner

    Jenny, feel free to contact any of our stores closest to you to see what types of options we’d have for you. We don’t stock a lot of hardwood and laminate these days, but we have plenty of waterproof options that would fit your needs. These waterproof options are very similar to laminate with the added benefit of being waterproof.

  3. Michelle sitzman

    Hello, I live in park city and need my place measured as I’m going to go you guys for carpet….Michelle

  4. John Mackner

    Michelle, the best course of action here is to contact the Carpet Garage nearest you and see if one of our independent installers can come out to measure.

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