CoreTec Stone

So, in the flooring industry we have established that you, the homeowner, can install many different types of flooring and floor coverings on your own.

You can install laminate yourself.

You can install LVT/LVP yourself.

You can install hardwood yourself.

We have even manufactured carpet in a manner that you can install yourself (click here to read another blog we wrote about this product).

Basically, the last frontier of do-it-yourself installations is ceramic tile. Yes, you could try to tackle this yourself, but you’d have a mountain of prep work to do and would need several days’ time on your hands to finish. Enter CoreTec Stone

This product is brand new this year to the flooring industry. While not new in name (it took US Floors and Shaw Industries two years to bring this product to the market), the product itself is finally here and available. So, what is so radically different and creative about this product? It installs like a laminate or LVT floor (click together!).

Let’s dive into the details about CoreTec Stone and why it is the most innovative product in the flooring world since, well, CoreTec itself.

A few key features and makeup of the product:

  • CoreTec Stone is made to look like ceramic tile, built to last like ceramic tile, and meant to replace ceramic tile.
  • It requires ZERO floor preparation compared to ceramic tile and requires no mortars or grouts.
  • It costs about half the price to install versus ceramic tile, and it installs as a click-together floating floor.
  • It is waterproof, inert, and comes in 4 different shapes and sizes (12″x24″, 18″x24″, 18″x36″, 6″x48″).

Other key features and benefits: 1) Proprietary top coating: CoreTec Stone has a proprietary thermo-resin top layer to protect the floor from wear and tear. 2) High definition visuals: It’s colors and patterns are printed using high definition visuals. The realism and quality visuals you get with CoreTec Stone are phenomenal. 3) High density mineral core: The rigid center core is made of magnesium-oxide. It is 100% waterproof and won’t warp or swell.

CoreTec Stone’s biggest differentiator over ceramic tile is its savings on floor preparation and labor. All ceramic tile (porcelain too) requires floor preparation. Meaning, you likely need concrete backer boards, mortars, grouts, and possibly waterproofing membranes. Additionally, depending on your market, most ceramic tile installations can cost upwards of $5 per square foot. CoreTec Stone saves you on floor preparation, meaning if your floor is flat then you can install this right now as well as installation costs, again depending on your market most click-together floating flooring installations will cost around

$2.50 per square foot. Those savings alone are HUGE for people who love the look of ceramic tile. At Carpet Garage, we stock 2 to 5 colors depending on the market location. We have a CoreTec Stone display in each and every store, and our day-in-day-out price of $4.99 SF beats anyone out there. CoreTec Stone is great for kitchens and bathrooms, or any room you put ceramic tile in. If you are looking for the look of ceramic tile (want to try installing it yourself) or are simply looking for a better price than ceramic tile, look no further than CoreTec Stone.

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